lördag, november 11, 2006

Chatsworth House

This is what Chatsworth House looks like when approaching it from the public footpaths. You feel as if you're Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice, in the BBC production from 1995. Elisabeth who always prefered walking even though her skirt hems got ever so dirty. This is the location for filming what appears under the name of Pemberley both in the TV-serial and in the movie Pride and Prejudice from 2006 starring Kiera Knightley as Elizabeth:The gardens of Chatsworth House are just lovely! There's this mixture of Narnia, Hogwarts, Versailles and of course the touch of a man who must be the master of English Gardening! The area is immense and reminds me somewhat of a huge city where each part has characteristics of its own. This is how you walk around in the stone garden part, the hommage to Versailles part with the musical sound of the running water. There are parts that seem to be entire wildernesses and then again, you come across a faun. Is it perhaps Mr Tumnus, the faun Lucy met when she first entered Narnia. Then there were quite a few other fantastic sculptures in the park when I visited it since Sotherby's had about twenty sculptures made by several prestiguous artists on display in the park. The one above is by Niki StPhaelle. The sculpture below is a fontain. Unfortunately I didn't get the opportunity of seeing this fontain open up but I didn't really mind, it looks lovely just as it is, closed because of the frost. Actually it reminds me of something irreal.The view made me feel as if I had entered one of my computer games in the Myst series. (If you haven't enjoyed these games already I highly recommend them, they are totally non violence.) The garden had lots of fantastic views of which this is one of them, taken from a look-out place, made out of wood, above a small pond. The view was just splendid. The siluette is Nicky who brought me to this fantastic place where my fantasy and interest in gardening had a marvellous treat!

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