tisdag, juli 01, 2008

Marian Keyes - This Charming Man

During my trip to France I brought along this thick brick of a book ;-) It's the latest Marian Keyes and since I'm a huge fan of hers and often in the past have found it very relaxing to read something of hers when I'm exhausted, I bought this book. I didn't actually plan on bringing it along with me, simply I didn't have enough time to finish it before leaving and it was much too thrilling to leave behind.
I cosider it one of her more serious books even though she often tends to deal with serious subjects. In this one there is domestic violence, alcooholism and other problems but still it is a joyful read with lots of nice characters and as always it is a great treat to be able to get under their skin.
The story starts with four women reporting their reactions to the news that the handsome politician Paddy de Courcy is about to get married. First reaction is from Grace who is a journalist with some link to Paddy hidden in the past which I am not to give away here. Second is Alicia, the bride to be. Third is Lola who thought she was his girlfriend and apparently goes into a shock. And fourth is Marnie, Grace's twin sister, her past relationship to Paddy is also to be revealed eventually. From here on the story is told by these four different voices and it's really easy to follow since Keyes manages to give each one of them a personal way of expressing themselves (which I think shows her skills as a writer).
Personally I like Lola's story the most but her story is balanced by the other's stories so in the end I wouldn't have liked it as much if it hadn't been for the whole story which is made up by all of them together.
Treat yourself! Read This Charming Man by Marian Keyes!

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